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Maybe Next Year
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An actress, producer, commissioned artist and entrepreneur. Known for Gothic Springs, THE WINDIGO, and Starseed’s award winning shorts, Temecula & Maybe Next Year. After completing the prestigious Alvin Ailey’s Dance School and The Acting Studio Inc. programs in NYC, she spent years refining her skills as an actress and artist on sets large and small. Charlotte spearheaded the writing, producing and funding campaign of her own short concept Prepare Yourselves Accordingly finally finding her Starseed Family igniting her as the trailblazer she’s here to be!

An award winning director, producer and writer who has worked with some of the biggest names in Hollywood. Since earning a film degree from Penn State in 2014, he has received an invaluable firsthand education working under the directorial likes of Woody Allen and Jonathan Demme, and whose close industry mentors include Vince Vaughn and Amy Schumer. In 2020 he worked alongside Vaughn to co-produce the feature film THE OPENING ACT starring Jimmy O’Yang, Alex Moffat and Cedric the Entertainer.

An award winning actress and producer known for her roles in Life in Reverse, Major Crimes, and her critically acclaimed roles in Maybe Next Year and Temecula, Jenni discovered her love for acting through theatre at a young age. After moving to Los Angeles to pursue her passion for film, she signed with agency AEFH and started her studies in Berg Studio’s  ‘Master Class’ level taught by former Yale Professor / Oscar and Emmy winning coach, Gregory Berger - Sobeck. Her hard work and determination made Starseed the perfect partnership where she can grow her knowledge and skills alongside other artists with the same love and drive for all things entertainment industry.

An award winning producer, entrepreneur, investor, and artist. Born to mixed minority entrepreneurial parents, his career began growing family start ups into multi-million dollar companies. Moving into story telling through film and music, he prides himself on providing ROI to clients with high quality work including HOPE SPRINGS ETERNAL, GOTHIC SPRINGS, and THE WINDIGO. Executive Produced the original musical ONLY HUMAN, debuting in Times Square. Andrew is committed to positively impacting the world with every project he engages in, bringing industry experience, creative resourcefulness and fearless leadership.

A writer, actress/model, and entrepreneur who started her production career in the news after graduating with honors from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in Broadcast Journalism. Working both behind the camera as well as an on-screen talent inspired her to pursue a more creative path as an actress and producer and move to Los Angeles. Known for her comedic roles in Starseed’s award winning shorts MAYBE NEXT YEAR and TEMECULA. After working on many large scale productions acting and learning production, her hard work, natural talent and quick wit were easily recognized and another Starseed was found.

A magna cum laude graduate from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a degree in Art & Design, Jared began his award winning producer work in the entertainment industry with music and film graphics, transitioning his creative talents and innovative thinking into film development and production. His branding, photography and artistic works span from household brands such as Pottery Barn to luxury design for Native Trails and Architecture Digest, his infectious passion and enthusiastic perfectionism has found its ideal home at Starseed Pictures.


Starseed Pictures is a full service production company based in Los Angeles. We specialize in bringing a distinctively unique and diverse perspective to our storytelling across genres and mediums.

We are a collective of artists, visionaries, and entrepreneurs, each with years of specializations and professional expertise, brought together through one-of-a-kind chemistry and creative collaboration. Leaders in each of our respective fields, and with backgrounds in entertainment, art and design, film production, broadcast media, and business, we bring our individual prowess to every project we embark on, while allowing each other to take the lead and shine at any given moment to best serve the project’s needs.


Still early in its inception, Starseed Pictures has already garnered both awards and critical acclaim on their projects to date, and has quickly built a reputation for delivering exceptional work with both big and small budgets. We are a company that is continually looking to challenge ourselves, with a level of precision and fearlessness that imbues our palpable and infectious energy into all of our work, swiftly separating us from others in our field.


Available for production on feature films, short films, commercials, and always open minded to project ideas.

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Los Angeles, CA 91401

Thank you for your interest!

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